Prince Harry giving world a feast for the eyes despite ‘hating' the paparazzi

Prince Harry’s newfound ventures filled with paparazzi has just been ridiculed

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Prince Harry giving world a feast for the eyes despite ‘hating' the paparazzi

Prince Harry’s reality of being followed by firm crews while filming his polo-themed series in Florida has just been branded the universe’s wry sense of humour.

All of this has been brought to light by royal commentator and expert Daniela Elser.

She weighed in on things during one of her most recent pieces for

In that piece she touched on Prince Harry’s apparent newfound appreciation for the press and said, “Of the two princes [William and Harry], one of whom bailed on Blighty because of his and his wife’s treatment at the hands of the swinish UK press, guess which one has been trailed all over Palm Beach Florida by photographers?”

“Beyond this glam outing, the duke and duchess were papped on multiple occasions, including the couple at the Four Seasons Palm Beach, and Harry doing some producing on the sidelines of another match.”

“Bottom line, it’s been an all-you-can-click Harry and Meghan pic-buffet!” she also added in the middle of her piece.

This comes despite the Duke of Sussex having called the paparazzi the ‘devil’ at one point in his life.

Ms Elser even doubled down on everything and refuted some of Prince Harry’s earlier claims against the paps by saying, “The timing of Harry and Meghan, having left the UK to escape the fiendish clutches of the British media who had used them so ill, only to find themselves continued, relentless tabloid fodder, while at exactly the same time William has just proven he can go down his local and barely raise an eyebrow, is really something.”

“Sometimes the universe has a particularly wry sense of humour, no?”