Cher's lavish wedding plans with Alexander 'AE' Edwards leave sons worried

Cher reportedly has big plans for her wedding to Alexander 'AE' Edwards

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Cher reportedly has big plans for her wedding to Alexander 'AE' Edwards 

Cher is determined when it comes to marrying her much younger sweetheart Alexander "AE" Edwards, but her children aren’t happy about it.

Cher is reportedly excited to have a grand wedding with her beau, which her sons Chaz Bono, 55, and Elijah Blue Allman, 47, reportedly disagree with.

"Cher is aware how her kids feel about her romance — and they've had some blowout arguments over it, but this is her life and she wants to get married," a tipster snitched to the National Enquirer.

"Her kids haven't accepted it — they think AE's bad news and that he's just looking to take their gullible mom to the cleaners. If she does go through with this silly thing, they hope she has an iron clad prenup."

"She figures this will be her last wedding and she's earned every right to have one fit for royalty," the source noted.

Detailing Cher’s plans for the wedding, the tipster said: "She loves to spend summers in Europe and the thought of getting married in an old castle really appeals to her, like a scene out of Love Actually. She wants a ceremony that lasts several days with live music and an unforgettable party.”

They added: "Cher is madly in love and willing to spend tens of millions to celebrate it. She's got the money, so why not? And she wants to do this soon, while AE is still crazy about her."

The tipster said that Cher, who’s been with AE for over a year, won’t invite her sons to the wedding if they don’t promise to be respectful toward her partner.

“Either they accept it or they don't come, because Cher won't tolerate any negativity from her kids or anyone else. After being on her own for so long, she's excited about life again," they said.