Katy Perry doesn't want her daughter to do this one thing

Katy Perry's daughter calls her by stage name, but mom suggests otherwise

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Daisy recently made a rare appearance on American Idol's Mother's Day episode

Pop star Katy Perry revealed that her three-year-old daughter, Daisy Dove, has taken to calling her by her stage name, Katy Perry, rather than 'mama.'

During an appearance on HSN's The List with Debbie D on May 9, Perry shared the amusing exchange, emphasising her preference for the title of 'mama' over her stage name. Despite her daughter's insistence, Perry made it clear that she's first and foremost 'mama' to Daisy.

"I was like 'Uh uh girl, I'm mama to you.' She's like, ‘You're also Katy Perry.' I'm like, 'Uh uh. I'm mama. Don't you call me Katy Perry, I'm mama!'"

Katy—who was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson—also shared her motivation behind naming her daughter Daisy Dove.

"I like the alliteration of the DD," she explained. "But Dove is peace, I want her to be a peace maker. Even though she is just wild and fun and crazy, I just think there's a peace that I want to surround her and for her exude."

Daisy recently made a rare appearance on American Idol's Mother's Day episode, sitting on her father Orlando Bloom's lap as Perry focused on her judging duties. This marked only her second public appearance, following her debut at Perry's Las Vegas residency finale in November 2023.

The couple generally keeps their daughter out of the spotlight unless it's a special occasion that calls for sweet family outings.

Katy Perry has also expressed uncertainty if her daughter will pursue music in the future.

Regardless, Perry iterated her support for Daisy's interests, emphasising a 'no pressure' approach and encouraging her daughter to pursue whatever makes her happy.

"She'll probably be artistic in some way. She's gonna be a leader," Katy concluded.