'Baby Reindeer' star Jessica Gunning hails Bryan Cranston's acting advice

Jessica Gunning played the role of Martha in Netflix miniseries 'Baby Reindeer'

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'Baby Reindeer' star Jessica Gunning hails Bryan Cranston's acting advice  

Baby Reindeer star Jessica Gunning recently talked about her auditioning days.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, the 37-year-old actress spoke about her breakout role and how she was from the beginning that only she could do justice to Martha’s character.

“There was a series of auditions that probably spanned about four months. Netflix wanted to make sure I was the right person, completely understandable. I actually got a good friend of mine to age me up to show in a video that I could look a bit older. She’s an amazing makeup designer called Nadia Stacey who just won an Oscar for Poor Things,” Jessica shared.

She continued, “I rang her up and she said she could do it by getting me in a wig and some makeup. I did a series of scenes, including the final voicemail in the look and sent the tape in.”

When asked if she thought about going to extreme lengths for the role, Jessica replied in the negative, saying, “ Never, ever, ever before. There's an amazing bit of advice Bryan Cranston gives about the time when he was auditioning for Breaking Bad.”

Quoting his words of wisdom, the actress explained, “He realized he was going to audition to get the job, and that’s not the point of being an actor. The point of being an actor is to go in and show the version of the character you would do for the role. If I’m right for you, then take it or leave it.”