Meghan Markle accused of inciting a sense of anger in all actions

Experts have just accused Meghan Markle of constantly inciting a sense of anger

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Meghan Markle accused of inciting a sense of anger in all actions

Experts believe Meghan Markle is sparking a lot of anger among the rest of the world and its got to do with her rift with the Royal Family.

Royal commentator and author Tom Bower made all these claims and statements.

He broke down everything during one of his most recent pieces for The Daily Mail.

He began the whole topic by addressing how dangerous a line Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been treading since they made shocking allegations against the Royal Family.

He first started off by saying, “For all the adulation they've received from crowds in Nigeria, I find it hard to shake off a sense of anger about their attacks on the Royal Family on television and in Spare, Harry's best-selling memoir.”

“The Sussexes seem oblivious to the enormous damage they have caused,” he also went as far as to add.

“Meanwhile, King Charles is emerging slowly from his cancer treatment while the Princess of Wales continues to fight her own battle with the disease.”

Later on into the chat the expert also went on to say, “As the Sussexes enjoy VIP luxury in Heathrow's aptly named Windsor Lounge awaiting their onward flight to Los Angeles - no doubt scrolling through the glowing reports of their trip - perhaps they could ask themselves this: was it really too much, while on their visit to Nigeria, to send public good wishes to their stricken relatives?” she even went as far as to question before signing off.