Cher's pals ‘beg her' to quit ‘obsessive plastic surgeries' amid Alexander "AE" Edwards romance

Cher is reportedly determined to look youthful amid Alexander "AE" Edwards relationship

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Cher is reportedly determined to look youthful amid Alexandra "AE" Edwards relationship 

Cher reportedly wants to remain as youthful-looking as possible for her young beau Alexander "AE" Edwards.

According to an insider, Cher has been getting frequent cosmetic procedures leaving her in considerable pain.

"She's had so many nips and tucks," the tipster snitched to the National Enquirer.

"After the procedures, she's wrapped in bandages and in pain. Her face throbs for days, sometimes weeks, at a time," they added.

The source noted that the 77-year-old’s inner circle is worried about her and fear she’s going too far with the plastic surgeries.

"Pals are begging her to quit before she becomes a poster child for obsessive plastic surgery," they said.

"Cher has the best surgeons money can buy, but even the best of them won't be able to keep on stretching and lasering forever," the tipster added.

The Grammy winner has previously admitted to getting a nose job, and a face lift. However, plastic surgeon Dr. Otto Placik says Cher seems to be going for Botox and surgical interventions to look younger.

"With her hair down, my guess is she is concealing facelift incisions," he said. "Her upper eyelids definitely appear to have been operated on, but I also suspect her lower ones have been done as well."