Meghan Markle convinced THIS proves 'she was right all along' about The Firm

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently made a successful trip to Nigeria

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Meghan Markle convinced THIS proves 'she was right all along’ about The Firm

Meghan Markle thinks she and Prince Harry make great part-time royals, per an expert.

Meghan and Harry recently made a three-day trip to Nigeria, where they were treated like royals, with receptions and charity visits.

Now, royal author Tom Quinn thinks the Duchess of Sussex is happy after "being treated as a great figure".

"Meghan sees her visit to Nigeria as a huge success and proof that she was right all along - she and Harry should have been allowed to be part-time royals, because they are really good at it," he told The Mirror.

"Meghan's face during the Nigeria tour said it all. Her pleasure in being treated as a great figure was unmistakable,” he noted.

Tom went on to note the contrast in the Duke’s appearance: "Harry on the other hand often looked unsure of himself; he had that unconfident, slightly sad-little-boy look – the look of someone asked to do something he was never quite sure of by his more confident partner.”

"Swept up by his wife's confidence it may never have occurred to Harry that playing at being on an official Royal tour to Nigeria just makes his brother and his father King Charles even more furious with him and even more determined to push him away,” Tom concluded.