John Travolta's life after ‘spirit killed by a broken heart' and tragic losses

John Travolta lost his wife Kelly Preston in 2020 and his son Jett in 2009

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John Travolta lost his wife Kelly Preston in 2020 and his son Jett in 2009 

John Travolta is reportedly still grieving the loss of his loved ones, including his wife Kelly Preston and son Jett.

According to sources, John is not even leaving the house or socialising since the death of his wife to cancer in 2020.

"John doesn't go out and would rather be home by himself," a tipster told the National Enquirer. "In L.A., he sits by the pool watching the sunrise and sunset while turning down invitations to dinner parties and other gatherings."

"It's the same thing when he's at his home in Florida," the tipster continued. "He spends a lot of time alone with his memories."

"It seems like his whole spirit has been killed by a broken heart," they remarked.

"He lives for the kids, but they're doing their own thing most of the time," the source noted. "John puts on a brave face and swears he's fine, but others aren't so sure."

In addition to his wife’s loss, John has also suffered the loss of his son Jett to a seizure in 2009, and close friends Olivia Newton John and Kirstie Alley.

"Everyone wants to see him have more joie de vivre, but he's melancholy — and for good reason. He's suffered so many tragedies."

Travolta now has his daughter Ella Bleu, 24, and son Benjamin, 13, to hold close.