Katy Perry lauds Ariana Grande's vocal talent

Katy Perry spoke about the 'American Idol' season 22's winner when she discussed Ariana Grande's talent

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Katy Perry lauds Ariana Grandes vocal talent
Katy Perry lauds Ariana Grande's vocal talent

Katy Perry just praised Ariana Grande for her impeccable vocal skills and impressive music.

The 39-year-old former American Idol judge, spoke to EXTRA in an interview about season 22’s winner Abi Carter and then recalled complimenting the God Is A Woman singer years ago.

“I think she was authentic; I think she was humble; I think she was singing with an angelic frequency,” the Firework singer spoke of Carter, detailing the contestant’s success over the season.

Perry continued, “The way that she sang from the heart and the cry and the crackle, it was just like, whoa. This is a whole ‘nother voice.”

“The voice is unlike anything I’ve heard in pop music,” the songstress stated, adding, “The last time I said that, I said that about Ariana Grande when she went on The Ellen [DeGeneres] Show. I was like, ‘Oh this girl is the best singer of our generation.’ So, I don’t say that lightly.”

Ariana Grande has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show several times when it aired, and has most recently dropped her seventh and quite successful studio album, eternal sunshine, in January.