Prince Harry's wedding photographer recall's ‘awful' and horrible day

Prince Harry’s wedding photographer has just reminded over how he felt at the couple’s event

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Prince Harrys wedding photographer recalls ‘awful and horrible day
Prince Harry's wedding photographer recall's ‘awful' and horrible day

The wedding photographer that covered Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding has just shed some light on the whole experience.

The Sun's royal photographer Arthur Edwards issued these sentiments while looking back at the couple’s big day.

He began the entire conversation by explaining how much he “hated” the entire event.

According to Mr Edwards, “I can tell you now it was the worst royal engagement I ever did, the worst royal wedding I ever did because Harry was determined to keep the newspapers away from it as much as possible.”

“It was hopeless. And when they went past in the carriage, they turned away from me,” he also added.

He also went on to add, “Some of the things were pretty harsh. Some were pretty unfair. He [Prince Harry] was angry and I felt we were punished for that.”

Before concluding though he also admitted, “I've done some really lovely royal weddings, I did both of Charles', William's, Andrew's, Sophie and Edward's. But on this one, I couldn't get out of Windsor quick enough.”