Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck marriage woes overshadows ‘Atlas' promotions

Jennifer Lopez avoids ‘embarrassing’ questions about Ben Affleck marriage status amid ‘Atlas promotions’

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Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck marriage woes overshadows ‘Atlas promotions
Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck marriage woes overshadows ‘Atlas’ promotions 

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s alleged marriage woes have overshadowed her hotly dropped action-thriller, Atlas, prompting Netflix to ban questions about the Hollywood hunk.

According to In Touch Weekly, the Marry Me star feels ‘embarrassed’ whenever she’s asked about her marital status but she can’t blame the fans for being curious.

The insider said the diva has flaunted her romance with Affleck so much that her fans and followers feel obligated to know what is going on in their marital life.

But the streaming giant cannot let JLo’s personal life get in the way of the film’s promotions and hence, they decided to ban queries about Affleck and the status of their marriage.

“Jennifer doesn’t want any more embarrassing questions asked about the status of her marriage,” the insider said, adding that her costars, Sterling K. Brown and Simu Liu, are also “backing her up during their film’s press tour.”

“You can feel the energy in the room, though. Everyone is looking to see if she’s wearing her wedding ring or cracks in her demeanor,” the source added.

The source said that it gets “a bit annoying that people are more interested in Jennifer’s marriage than the film,” however, the situation is “completely understandable.”

“She’s promoted and gushed about her and Ben’s romance so much that her fans feel obligated,” the source explained. “You can’t blame them. They truly want to know what’s going on.”

This comes after Lopez was asked about her and Affleck’s divorce rumours, to which she replied, “You know better than that.”