Anti-monarchy chief reacts to ‘unhealthy' rumours about Kate Middleton's health

Anti-monarchy chief seemingly defends Kate Middleton amid health scare

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Anti-monarchy chief reacts to ‘unhealthy rumours about Kate Middletons health
Anti-monarchy chief reacts to ‘unhealthy’ rumours about Kate Middleton's health

Anti-monarchy chief surprisingly defended Kate, the Princess of Wales, after calling for the stripping of her Royal title at a recent interview.

Chief Executive of Republic, Graham Smith, gave his two-cents on the “unhealthy” obsession of royal fans and followers with the personal life of Kate Middleton.

Speaking with GB News, the Chief Executive of Republic took Kate’s side and advocated for her right to privacy even though he still does not support the royal family.

Almost two months after Kate announced her cancer diagnosis, Smith said that knowing why Kate has stepped back from royal duties should be enough for people interested in her whereabouts.

Smith dubbed the speculations and weird theories about her health “bizarre,” and said, “I think that she is on the public payroll and there’s an expectation that she does something in return for the lavish lifestyle.”

“So knowing that she has cancer and therefore, that is why she is not around is fair enough,” he added. “But I just think that whole need to get into the private lives of these people is unhealthy.”

Reacting to numerous wild theories about Kate’s whereabouts that went viral before Kate’s cancer announcement, Smith said, “I think a lot of the speculation was just bordering on slightly bizarre.”

“And then there’s also been a whole load of slightly more fawning conversation and speculation about her and sort of putting [her] on this pedestal,” anti-monarchy chief said.

“And she is just a regular person going through a tough time, and she should be left to get on with it with her family. And it doesn’t need any more than that.”