Kate Middleton's left 80 year old HRHs pushing heavy barrows

Kate Middleton’s cancer appears to have left the Firm without any young blood to manage the day to day, leading 80-year-olds to pitch in

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Kate Middletons left 80 year old HRHs pushing heavy barrows
Kate Middleton’s left 80 year old HRHs pushing heavy barrows

Experts have just pointed out how Kate Middleton’s cancer battle has left Britian with only 80-year-old HRHs pushing heavy barrows, alone.

Royal commentator and expert Daniela Elser issued these sentiments.

She weighed in on things during one of her most recent pieces for News.com.au.

In that piece she referenced the emergency meetings that should have been happening behind the scenes after Kate’s cancer reveal.

According to Ms Elser, “For months now, William and Kate’s office would logically have to have been working out how to manage the princess’ patronages, charities, and large-scale initiatives - keeping-the-home-fires-burning stuff.”

“However in the grander scheme of things, things seem much less obvious or straightforward,” she warned.

Because “With Kate undergoing preventative chemotherapy, with William having scaled back his work for much of this year to support her and with the King also undergoing treatment, the end result is a series of hard-working - but fundamentally pallid - 60, 70 and 80-something HRHs left to push the royal barrow.”

And “The timing further complicates matters,” she also added given the fact that there are very less senior working members of the Royal Family left.