Lindsay Hubbard calls out Carl Radke for framing her as the villian

Lindsay Hubbard recalls bad memories with Carl Radke before their public breakup

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Lindsay Hubbard calls out Carl Radke for framing her as the villian

Lindsay Hubbard is slamming Carl Radke with new accusations as she looks back at their breakup conversation.

One of the accusations that come out of a recent Summer House reunion on Thursday was Carl allegedly setting the groundwork for villianising his ex fiancee.

"I don't really like look at him with emotion,” the Lindsay said during the first part of the reunion as the whole cast and host Andy Cohen gathered. “It's just a body in the room. I think he told a lot of lies. I think it's pretty obvious how much he was laying the groundwork and planting the seeds to villainise me." 

However, Carl hoped to address the issue differently as he found both responsible for the early September breakup two months after picking Mexico for the destination wedding.

“I mean, listen, this isn't all on her,” Carl had told a producer while getting ready. “It's not all on me, I feel like we're both really responsible for a lot of this.”

Carl echoed the same sentiments during the reunion as well as he said, “I walked into that apartment to get on the same page as my fiancée, where we had been fighting and in conflict,” Carl continued. “I wanted to try and talk to her. I had hoped that maybe it would go differently.”

However, Lindsay didn't speak fondly of the day she recalled Carl screaming at the top of his lungs for 45 minutes before the cameras arrived to film the scene.

Carl, too, explained his stance by asserting that Lindsay was 'in denial the entire summer.' 

"But you're happy now. You've been dating someone since January, you have the apartment, I paid half the rent for nine months. I've been courteous," to which Lindsay hit back by asking, "You signed a lease. What else are you going to do?"

Carl claimed he spent $125,000 on wedding cancelation fees, but Lindsay didn't stop there and reminded him that it was on him for cancelling the wedding. 

The exes also reflected on their disagreements over groomsmen.