Meghan Markle idea of recruiting unearthed: 'Staff should jump when told to jump'

Meghan Markle is struggling to staff new employees for American Riviera Orchard

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Meghan Markle idea of recruiting unearthed : 'Staff should jump when told to jump'

Meghan Markle is seemingly finding it difficult to find staff for her new business venture.

The Duchess of Sussex, who has been previously been called out for mistreating her staff at Frogmore Cottage, is struggling to find employees for American Riviera Orchard.

Speaking to The Mirror, Mr Quinn revealed: "One of Meghan‘s biggest problems when she lived at Kensington Palace was that she believes that staff should be jump when they’re told to jump – she doesn’t have the ultra-polite old-fashioned English habit of asking staff if they would mind ordering a pizza or ringing for a car or organising a lunch."

He added: "The result of Meghan’s tough outlook is that she is having difficulties finding staff for her new brand – she wants them to be full of ideas of their own, but also totally compliant to her wishes."

The expert suggested: "But to make her brand a success she needs to take and accept advice and allow staff who know far more about these things to make some of the decisions. This is really difficult for Meghan as she is not a natural delegator."