Ozzy Osbourne denies Sharon's claims about Katie Price

Sharon Osbourne recently had a detailed discussion about Katie Price with her family

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Photo: Ozzy Osbourne denies Sharon’s claims about Katie Price

The Osbourne family recently had a detailed discussion related to Katie Price.

During a chat on the newest episode of podcast The Osbournes, Sharon Osbourne discussed Katie Price and her former husband Peter Andre with Ozzy, and kids, Kelly and Jack Osbourne.

Reflecting on Petre’s A Whole New World performance in 2005, the TV personality called him “a really good guy.”

Her son, Jack, admitted, “He’s a good singer,” but remarked, “Katie Price, not so much a good singer.”

“She’s got all the confidence – and I love it,” the 39-year-old singer Kelly added in response.

“Have you seen her lately?” Kelly’s mother, Sharon, replied to which Ozzy claimed that he was “amazed that people still want to read about her.”

Sharon continued to take aim at Katie and pointed out that “she’s covered in tattoos now, covered.”

"And now her breasts are like [gesturing in front of her]. She keeps going back to Turkey for Turkey teeth and Turkey breasts. Her teeth are whiter than ever,” the momager added regarding Katie's accentuated figure.

“She’s looking pretty rough, unfortunately. And she was a beautiful woman at one point,” Sharon said before Ozzy claimed, “I wouldn’t go that far.”

Wrapping up the topic, Sharon insisted, “Oh, she was. She was really beautiful when she first started, and then she just started chopping herself up.”