Victoria Beckham in tears over David's shocking remarks

David Beckham's candid comments about his marriage with Victoria left her in tears

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Victoria Beckham in tears over David's shocking remarks

Victoria Beckham was reportedly left in tears after David Beckham's remarks about their relationship.

As reported by Mirror, Tom Bower revealed in his book The House of Beckham that Victoria was deeply upset by David's comments in an interview on The Sunday Project in 2018.

In an interview, the former footballer described their marriage as "hard work."

Bower shared that Victoria, who watched the interview on her mobile, was caught off guard by her husband's comments and felt as though "a nuclear bomb had gone off."

Victoria was said to have retreated to a spa hotel in Baden-Baden for two days to collect herself emotionally after the interview aired.

"Her husband's disloyalty baffled her. His truthfulness had destroyed her efforts to conjure up an image of happy families. Why, she sobbed, would David embarrass her?" Bower said.

The revelations in The House of Beckham, scheduled to release June 20, shed light on the couple's struggles to maintain their public image amidst personal challenges.