Everything to know about Virgin River season 6 with expected release date

Here's all to know about Netflix hit show Virgin River's upcoming season

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Everything to know about Virgin River season 6 with expected release date

Netflix hit series Virgin River is set to air soon. However, fans still await an official release date.

While the renewal news came ahead of the release of fifth season of Virgin River, fans don't have much details about what to expect from the impending season.

But if speculations are something to go by, WhatsOnNetflix is predicting the launch to be likely in the first half of 2025. No official confirmation has been out yet.

However, fans can expect familar faces to return for the sixth instalment, including Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson, Zibby Allen, Sarah Dugdale, Marco Grazzini, Grayson Maxwell, Lauren Hammersley, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Colin Lawrence, Tim Matheson, Annette O’Toole, Lexa Doig, Stacey Farber, and Daniel Gillies.

There also have been leaks of a possible renewal with a seventh season as well, while anticipation mounts for season 6's official release date.

Meanwhile fan theories predict a major death later on as speculated by one Reddit user who said, “So now with it turning out that Lark isn’t in love with Brady and is just settling him up so be killed." (sic)

"I really like Brady, he hasn’t just been through a lot and learned to deal with things a bad way since no one was there to help him and guide him. But my question is if he dies or ends up in the hospital, what will that mean for Brie and Brady?"

“She is clearly still in love with him and is just hurt by the fact he kept lying to her and also I think she is going to find out about what Mike did and blame Brady for whatever it is.”

A second wrote, “I hope he lives and they get back together,” while a third said, “Well, that upsets me. I was pro-Mike, but if it comes out that he had something to do with Lonergan’s death, I will be really mad! Brady took all this heat from Preacher, and he may be faithless.”

For those unversed, after Brady and Brie broke up, he spent the majority of Season 5 loved-up with Lark, a recent member of the Virgin River community. 

The Part 2 finale, however, showed Lark on the phone to someone in prison, saying 'he doesn’t know a thing', in reference to Brady.

According to showrunner Patrick Sean Smith, there are hints of a reunion between Brie and Brady in Season 6 as well.