Luke Wilson makes 'interesting' confession about Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon starred alongside Luke Wilson in 2001's rom-com 'Legally Blonde'

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Photo: Luke Wilson makes 'interesting' confession about Reese Witherspoon

Luke Wilson recently made a shock admission about Reese Witherspoon.

During a recent confessional with People Magazine, the 52-year-old acting sensation confessed being a fan of Reese Witherspoon.

“She was great in that, just kind of a real force. It's harder than it looks, I think, to act like a teen and be realistic,” he spoke highly of Reese’s work in 1999’s flick Election, after which he became “a real fan of Reese.”

Speaking of their 2001’s project, Legally Blonde, Luke recalled it as “one of those things where I thought, ‘It's a romantic comedy, it's not particularly to my taste, but it'll be fun to work with Reese. She seems great.’”

It is pertinent to mention here that Luke played Emmett Richmond, a lawyer and Elle Wood’s, played by Reese, love interest in the super hit rom-com.

“The first day seeing her in wardrobe, and how she was talking and carrying herself, I just thought, ‘Okay, now I've got to concentrate,” he added about his co-star.

Reflecting on Reese’s commitment to indulge fully in her character Ell, Luke also told the outlet, “She is really doing something and working hard and making a real character out of this,’” after which he moved on to another topic.