Victoria Beckham got 'violent' over David's alleged affair

David and Victoria Beckham refuted allegations of infidelity in Netflix docuseries

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Victoria Beckham didn’t hold back when she found out about husband David’s alleged affair with Rebecca Loos, according to an explosive new book.

In his book The House of Beckham, slated for release on June 20, investigative journalist Tom Bower claimed that the fashion designer slapped David hard when she found out about his “cheating.”

“In a bravura performance the couple clung to each other – she with an iron grip on his hand. Then they performed a piggy-back and smiled,” he penned.

Tom then continued, “Once the show was over they disappeared into their chalet….as everyone drifted off, one journalist looked through the Beckhams’ chalet window. Posh was slapping Beckham hard on his face. Beckham, famous for his ‘short fuse’, did not retaliate."

Furthermore, he also claimed that David also accused Victoria and her PR team of “waging a media war” against him, but eventually they worked out their issues and decided to stay together for the sake of their “Beckham” brand.

“Although the Beckhams could not hide their separate lives, they stuck together to support the brand,” Tom writes, contradictory to what David and Victoria depicted in the Netflix documentary Beckham.