Chris Hemsworth reveals feeling fears 'eating away at' him

Chris Hemsworth made his name in Hollywood after coming from a humble background

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Photo: Chris Hemsworth reveals feeling fears 'eating away at' him

Chris Hemsworth made a shock admission about how his early fears still haunt him.

For those unversed, Chris comes from a humble background, and reportedly money struggles were the primary reason why he pursued a career in showbiz.

During a new confessional on Disney+ docuseries Limitless, Chris revealed, "If I'm totally honest, I did acting to get my parents out of debt.”

"It could be killing me. When I first started acting, my parents had very little money,” the Thor star added.

Recalling what his father once told him about paying their debt, the actor told, "Talking to my dad about when he's going to be able to pay the bank off and him saying, 'Never, we'll die having to pay it off',” admitting, “that really bothered me from a young age."

"What gives me huge anxiety and evokes stress is when I'm trying to take care of too many things, too many projects,” Chris confessed.

He went on to disclose that these demons from his past haunt him to date as he feels like continuously having to work to meet his expenses.

"I still have these thoughts of like, it's all going to go away if I don't say yes to these things. I can still feel stress eating away at me, and I don't want it to rule my life," Chris claimed in conclusion of this discussion.