Janice Dickinson spills surprising story of first cosmetic surgery

The supermodel was dating Sylvester Stallone at the time of her first cosmetic procedure

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Janice Dickinson spills surprising story of first cosmetic surgery

Janice Dickinson recalled the time getting her first-ever plastic surgery.

The 69-year-old American model appeared in a recent episode of Off the Vine podcast on Tuesday, June 18, and talked about her history of cosmetic procedures.

The show host Kaitlyn Bristowe asked, "What point in your career were you like, 'I'm gonna start getting surgery done?'"

"Oh, gosh. I was dating Sylvester Stallone, and I was 32," the supermodel replied.

It is pertinent to mention that Rocky star and Dickinson were in a relationship for a short period in 1994 while Stallone was dating his now-wife Jennifer Flavin.

She said while touching her jawline, "I noticed I started getting jowls from this bit."

"Get a mini face lift. It kept me going up until last week when I noticed these [points to upper lip]. I did smoke for a bit. Don't smoke. It's bad for you," Dickinson added.

Moreover, the Bachelor Nation alum also asked Dickinson if she ever regretted getting plastic surgery, to which she replied, "Oh, no."

Additionally, in May 2016  The former America's Next Top Model judge was diagnosed with breast cancer, she opened up about her fear of getting a double mastectomy to People magazine.

“As soon as I went to see the machines at the oncology unit, I was just able to go through this process of become proactive. It all finally made sense,” she said.

”I’ve had side effects from the radiation. And I have a tiny bit of scarring. But I’ve been lucky. They’ve told me I can keep my implants.”