'Obsessed' Prince Harry ‘hunting' to be closer to King Charles

Prince Harry is trying to find a UK base after loss of Frogmore Cottage

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'Obsessed' Prince Harry hunting house to be closer to King Charles

Prince Harry is reportedly looking for a new home in the UK after losing Frogmore Cottage.

The Duke of Sussex, who had lost his Windsor abode in 2023, is now finding a way to get closer to King Charles by purchasing a property near Highgrove, His Majesty's beloved estate.

Royal expert Tom Quinn tells Mirror.co.uk: "Harry has spent a lot of time trying to work out what sort of UK base he might have. He has no experience of living in anything other than well protected houses that are also well away from the public, so he has a huge problem. Every house he looks at has drawbacks. "

He continued: "Apart from the security risks Harry has become increasingly obsessed with his privacy and wants to be well away from prying eyes – that was the key reason he was so upset and angry when his father King Charles evicted him from Frogmore Cottage.

"Frogmore is actually a substantial house deep in the grounds of the royal estate at Windsor – it’s also very secure and it would have been perfect. It never occurred to Harry that giving up being a working royal meant giving up the house, but then Harry has always been nothing if not naïve."