Tom Brady reveals 'secret to successful' football career

Tom Brady shared a rare trait of all 'successful' football sportsmen ahead of joining the 2024 Summer Olympics

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Photo: Tom Brady reveals 'secret to successful' football career

Tom Brady is reportedly all set to rock the 2024 Summer Olympics.

In a new chat with People Magazine, the former husband of Gisele Bundchen shared that he was so excited to join the 2024 sports games in Paris.

Sharing that his three kids will also accompany him during the games, the NFL player expressed, "It's going to be so fun."

He then reflected on his football career and dished a rare quality which contributes to the success of any sportsman.

"It's really about being selfless," he declared and shared, "I was a part of a culture that was about being totally selfless.”

“There was a great line that [famed basketball coach] John Wooden said: 'Happiness begins where selfishness ends,'" Tom quoted.

The 46-year-old also disclosed, "That's the way it was with my football teammates. We were just a bunch of people that love being together and we didn't care who got the credit,” noting, “We just wanted to win. That's a really unique thing."

"When I think about this next part of my life beyond football, it's the same thing: being around great people that support you, that give you feedback. If you want something to be successful, it's all the same fundamentals as sports," Tom maintained before signing off from the conversation.