Taylor Swift boosts Travis, Jason Kelce podcast in big way?

Jason and Travis Kelce weigh in on the role of Taylor Swift in reaching a larger audience about football

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Taylor Swift boosts Travis, Jason Kelce podcast in big way?

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce are proud of their achievements from their podcast New Heights in triggering an interest in football, which was missing before and Taylor Swift has a big hand in it.

Appearing on Sport Beach 2024 in Cannes, the ex-Philadelphia Eagles suggested the impact of the Grammy winner on boosting the interest in the game was big after she started dating his brother.

"But now it's really expanded," he said. "It's been fun for me; I have three little girls, so in some ways, the show and everything that's transpired over the past year has given reasons for girls to get involved in a sport where previously there wasn't that much interest."

"So all of a sudden, dads are hanging out with daughters, and there's worlds colliding, and our show gets to be another place where worlds collide, and it's awesome," he continued.

Travis meanwhile said they aim to strike a balance between the football and lifestyle content,

"You've gotta listen to your viewers, you have to listen to the comments and your demographic, and see who you're talking to," the NFL's tight end shared.