Meghan Markle's foot soldiers at risk of becoming uncontrollable

Meghan Markle’s foot soldiers on the prowl are at risk of becoming way too dangerous

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Meghan Markle’s foot soldiers at risk of becoming uncontrollable

Royal experts have just warned the public about the dangers that Meghan Markle's foot soldiers pose when it comes to their 

PR expert Mark Borkowski issued this warning about the Duchess’ fanbase.

His comments have been shared during a candid interview with Newsweek.

During that time the expert warned of the implications of Meghan Markle’s fanbase and the way they support the Duchess.

According to the expert, “This is more about the danger of foot soldiers who are uncontrollable because they enjoy their own coverage.”

He also referenced Meghan Markle’s decision to unveil her dog treats an hour before Kate Middleton made her very first return to the public eye following a month’s long hiatus due to cancer.

In the eyes of Mr Borkowski “It's a danger in terms of spreading rumours, in terms of their own fame and their own ego and their own self-determination.”

Not to mention “a danger to truth,” which he went on to add before signing off.