Beyonce makes rare comment on 'extraordinary' success of Cowboy Carter

Beyonce broke the charts with her first country music album Cowboy Carter

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Beyonce speaks up on 'extraordinary' success of Cowboy Carter

Beyonce has finally spoken up on her country album Cowboy Carter success.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, which shed light on Black country music stars who enjoyed the spotlight by getting featured in the record, Beyonce shared that it was their success which keeps inspiring her to create more music.

“When you are breaking down barriers, not everyone is ready and open for a shift. But when I see Shaboozey tearing the charts up and all the beautiful female country singers flying to new heights, inspiring the world, that is exactly what motivates me,” she said in a statement.

Beyonce, who gave a taste of fame to artists like Shaboozey, Tierra Kennedy and Brittney Spencer, added that she would love to see the new generation of musicians thriving instead of her work as she doesn’t care about it much now.

“There was a time in my life when charts and sales excited and motivated me. Once you have challenged yourself and poured every ounce of your life, your pain, your growth and your dreams into your art, it’s impossible to go backward,” she stated.

However, Beyonce concluded that she has been “very grateful and humbled for the extraordinary success of the new album.”