Andy Cohen backs Jennifer Lopez amid 'unpleasant' claims

Andy Cohen's defense comes after Jennifer Lopez was accused of being a snobby celebrity

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Andy Cohen backs Jennifer Lopez amid 'unpleasant' claims

Andy Cohen wants the world to know that Jennifer Lopez isn’t that bad.

The 56-year-old TV host defended Jennifer after Meghan McCain’s comments about her went viral on the Internet.

In an episode of her Citizen McCain podcast, she accused the hitmaker of being a terrible guest on The View which she co hosted from 2017 to 2021.

“I, too, share similar negative stories that the entire world does. She just is a deeply unpleasant person. She had the biggest entourage I’ve ever seen. More than Kim Kardashian and the president. I just don’t really understand why it was needed,” she had said.

Coming to her defense, Andy told the listeners of his Daddy Diaries podcast that he was “amazed” by the backlash J Lo has received.

Dismissing a friend’s claim that she had “pissed off a lot of people,” Andy replied, “I don’t think that’s correct,” and then went on about the times J Lo has appeared on his talk show Watch What Happens Live.

“No drama. [She] wasn’t late, wasn’t anything. [She] showed up, was game, did the show,” he insisted.