Prince William, Kate Middleton scared about Charlotte and Louis future

Prince William and Kate Middleton fear Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis would become ‘spares’

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Prince William, Kate Middleton scared about Charlotte and Louis future

Prince William and Princess Kate are scared about the future of their two younger kids, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, after seeing Prince Harry’s antics.

According to a latest report, the Waleses are concerned their kids might turn up like the Duke of Sussex if they fail to maintain balance between all three of their children.

A source revealed to Daily Beast that the Prince and Princess of Wales are encouraging Charlotte and Louis to “not become working royals.”

They said the couple wants to spare their children the pressures and scrutiny that come with being working royals, following the tumultuous exit of Harry from royal life.

“The working assumption is that the younger two children will get on and do their own thing. They will be encouraged to not become working royals,” the source said.

A royal expert has claimed that William intends to carry on with the approach of slimming down the monarchy even after older members retire, potentially limiting the roles of his younger children as well.

“It is no secret that William has been devastated by the destruction of his relationship with Harry,” a pal of the Prince told the Mail, confirming the claims of the royal expert.

“Although he absolutely puts the blame on Meghan and Harry, he does of course also appreciate that the whole system, where one of your kids is less important than the other due to an accident of birth, had a massive part to play in what happened and how it happened.

“There is an entirely reasonable argument to be made that if you are born into the royal family, the logical thing to do is to leave it. The same logic applies to your kids, he doesn’t want to put them through a human mincer that is going to cause everyone misery.

“He and Catherine adore the children, and their whole lives are about the children. I think they want to find a practical solution to the ‘spare’ problem that has bedeviled the family for generations.”