Kate Middleton's cancer is 'somewhere in abdomen,' claims doctor

Kate Middleton revealed she was diagnosed with cancer after major 'abdominal surgery'

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Kate Middleton’s cancer is somewhere in the ‘abdomen,’ a cancer specialist revealed while speaking of about the Princess of Wales’ health.

The shocking claim were made by the doctor during an appearance on The Royal Record podcast, just days after Kate's major appearance at Trooping the Colour.

Karol Sikora, the cancer specialist said that it’s ‘time of uncertainty’ for Kate as she has “obviously had an operation for cancer, we were asked not to speculate what it was but it was somewhere in the abdomen.”

"It was an abdominal operation,” the expert continued to say. “She's having preventative chemotherapy, which is usually given for six months. The reason preventive, we call it adjuvant chemotherapy, is given is to reduce the risk of the disease returning.”

She went on to explain how the chemotherapy is used to prevent potential cancer cells from growing, even if they don't show up on scans.

Sikora was then asked about Kate's statement about having good and bad days, to which she explained that on the day of treatment itself is usually manageable, but the day after can be exhausting and the subsequent days are unpredictable.