Triple H believes Netflix deal 'game-changer' for WWE

Triple H says WWE's shift to Netflix will prove a boon for WWE as streaming has more freedom

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Triple H believes Netflix deal game-changer for WWE
Triple H believes Netflix deal 'game-changer' for WWE

WWE Raw is going to Netflix, and its Chief Content Officer, Triple H, believes this move will be a "game-changer" because streaming is the new king.

Dominating the cable television airwaves since its inception in 1993, WWE's switch to streaming, Triple H says, will boost the studio because there will be no censor issues, unlike in traditional media.

"We spend large chunks of our time, every day, when we're not thinking about the business at hand now, we're thinking about those moments. In the fall, as the shows shift around, and then once we get to Netflix. Netflix is a completely different animal. It's a streaming service," he told on the Pat McAfee show.

The head honcho continued, "How are commercials going to work? How are breaks going to work? What's the length of time? What are the restrictions or not restrictions? Being on Fox, if the crowd chants 'holy shit' or something worse, they take the audio (out)."

"Sometimes, they take the picture and the audio out and it's a black screen. The Rock comes in, and you can't tell what The Rock to do. He does what he does. We won't have those issues with Netflix."

Explaining this deal will be a boon for the WWE, he said, It's why this Netflix deal, for us, is so game-changing and everyone is going to be watching us in January, especially other sports, from the business side, they're going to be watching to see what we do, what we do differently, and how it's received."

Officially, the WWE Raw will start streaming on Netflix in 2025.