Madonna believes 'we can't celebrate freedom until we are free' from racism

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July 05, 2020

Madonna voiced out her support for the BLM movement amid roaring Independence Day celebrations

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For all those partaking in festivities to celebrate American Independence Day, Madonna has left a few words of wisdom to ponder upon. She claimed that although this occasion is joyous for numerous citizens, there have been many who have struggled for far too long under its brutal impact.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Madonna said, "We can't celebrate freedom until we are free" because "July 4th, 1776 Black Americans were still enslaved and Native Americans were being subjugated."

Making a plea to do things differently this year, the singer called on Americans to do their part, "This 4th of July we're not wearing red, white, and blue. We're wearing ALL BLACK. Independence day is another BLACKOUT day so they know we are in this together."

On a Twitter and Instagram post, she also shared a video highlighting the meaning of Independence day to Black Americans and captioned it with the words, "[P]ass this on so the world knows BLACK LIVES MATTER.[sic]"

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