Kristen Stewart shares longing to portray Princess Diana ‘empathetically’

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October 23, 2021

Kristen Stewart reveals yearning to showcase a deeply ‘empathetic’ portrayal of Princess Diana in ‘Spencer’

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Kristen Stewart recently weighed in on her growing desire to embody the true innate empathy, accent and growing anguish that was seen growing during the course of her early days within the Firm.

Stewart shared her thoughts regarding portrayal and emotions while chatting with the Daily Mail.

There she began by peeling the layers of Princess Diana’s “approachable aura” and admitted that it was something she hoped to embody during the course of filming.

For those unversed, the film Spencer showcases a three-day Christmas holiday look inside Buckingham Palace and also showcases the moment where Diana realized her marriage to Prince Charles had struck rocky shores.

In her interview, Stewart was quoted saying, “She was touchable. I think that even when she looked her most beautiful and her most substantial, she also felt like she could kick her shoes off and walk outside with you and ask you how you are and touch your face. And you would feel that honesty from her.”

“But ironically, she was also the most unknowable person, and at least over the three days we're imagining in the film she was the most isolated human you can think of.”

She also went on to say, “It doesn't go into any salacious details. It's really just an imagining of a three-day period when it all became most heavy on her. It's more about her internal experience than anything else.”

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