Amber Heard creating 'personal connections' with judge in court: body language expert

Amber Heard boy language in court unearthed by expert

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May 07, 2022
Amber Heard tries to create personal connections with judge in court: body language expert
Amber Heard tries to create 'personal connections' with judge in court: body language expert

Amber Heard testified in court this week, addressing her abusive relationship with ex-husband Johnny Depp.

While often breaking into tears during her testimony, the Aquaman actress narrated how she was emotionally and physically violated by the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

Body language expert Judi James is now trying to analyse Heard's body language and the signals she is trying to give out in court.

Judi said: "Amber's direction of gaze and speech when she first takes the stand is important.

"It is quite common for people to address their answers to the jury in the US but Amber seems to create personal connections and tie-signs quickly here, beginning by smiling in the direction of the judge before turning her head towards the jury to offer her answers to questions from the legal team.

"Her hair is also draped to her left, meaning that the jury have a clear view of her face, both in silhouette and as she turns to address them directly.

'The effect would be to "humanize" herself to the jury rather than isolating herself as a celebrity who they will presumably have been hearing negative comments about.'

She added: "It shows them a certain amount of respect to them to want to address them directly as it shows a consideration of them as being in ultimate control in terms of the verdict. It helps to build some early connections.

"The jury also get to see her eyes and eyes tend to be considered one of the most revealing body parts in terms of inner feelings and emotions.

"We tend to trust people more when we can see their eye expression so this gesture could suggest she has nothing to hide. It is of course in visual contrast to her ex husband at the same time, who sits hunched with his eyes hidden by tinted glasses, gazing down an writing or just communicating with his team.'