‘Hateful’ Prince Harry ‘has gotten what he’s wanted’: ‘So sad!’

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August 17, 2022

Prince Harry issued dire warning about ‘becoming sad and hateful’ over the release of his memoir

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‘Hateful’ Prince Harry ‘has gotten what he’s wanted’: ‘So sad!’

Prince Harry warned against being ‘so sad and hateful’ that he moves forward with the alleged bombshell memoir.

Royal commentator and expert Angela Levin issued this shocking revelation during her interview with the Daily Star.

She began by highlighting the dangers of breaking the Royal Family's veil of privacy and admitted, “They're obviously breaking lots of family privacy if Harry brings out his memoir.”

“It's very sad that he's got to this stage why he's so hateful when he's got what he wanted. He wanted to leave. He wanted a wife. He chose his wife. I think that it will just show them up.”

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