Pepsi roped in Lindsay Lohan to hype 'Pilk' on new commercial

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December 03, 2022

Pepsi eyes to tap into Tiktok Dirty soda trend with Lindsay Lohan this Christmas

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Pepsi roped in Lindsay Lohan to hype 'Pilk' on new commercial

Lindsy Lohan wants you to mix your Pepsi drink with milk this Christmas. As Pepsi launched the campaign to encourage customers to try the combination.

According to USA Today, Pepsi unveiled its Christmas campaign calling soda lovers "a surprising and naughty new twist." It's Pilk, Pepsi mixed with milk and cookies.

The soft-drink giant chief marketing officer, Todd Kaplan, said the mixture has "long been a secret hack among Pepsi fans."

"With the rise of the 'dirty soda' trend on TikTok and throughout the country, we thought Pilk and Cookies would be a great way to unapologetically celebrate the holidays," added Kaplan.

To popularize the combination among people on Christmas, Pepsi enlisted Lindsay Lohan, who was associated with Christmas since her Jingle Bell Rock performance in the 2004 movie Mean Girls. She also recently starred in Netflix's Falling for Christmas.

Lindsay Lohan said she was initially sceptical of the mixture but was "amazed at how delicious it was."

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