Inside Kylie Jenner's $36.5 million mansion: From cosy fireplace to extravagant bar

From the stylish bar to the captivating living room and her determination to learn the piano, explore the opulence and grandeur...

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June 10, 2023
Inside Kylie Jenners $36.5 million mansion: From cosy fireplace to extravagant bar

Kylie Jenner, the renowned reality TV personality and astute businesswoman, has graciously treated her fans to an exclusive house tour of her stunning $36.5 million mansion.

Responding to a fan's request on TikTok, Jenner unveiled the extravagant details of her lavish living space, including a stylish bar, mesmerizing light fixtures, and a personal quest to master the piano.

Stepping into her magnificent bar, Kylie Jenner showcased a flawless white marble countertop adorned with an impressive collection of meticulously arranged liquor bottles.

Highlighting her sister Kendall Jenner's acclaimed 818 tequila, Jenner praised the captivating ambiance created by an enchanting oval translucent light fixture. She gushed, "'I like it because it has this pretty light."

Transitioning to her awe-inspiring living room, Jenner playfully shared her surreal experience. The room boasted a chevron-style wooden floor, adorned with a long white rectangular couch resting gracefully on a plush white rug.

The centerpiece was a captivating dark gray fireplace, previously showcased on Jenner's social media, with a plasma TV mounted above.

Adding a touch of entertainment, she proudly unveiled a shuffleboard table that injected playfulness into the sophisticated ambiance. Jenner playfully exclaimed, "This is my living room... This is weird."

Continuing the tour, Kylie Jenner directed the camera's attention to a striking white piano with a clear top, expressing her determination to learn how to play during the summer.

In a candid moment, she shared her daughter Stormi's piano lessons, revealing her personal connection to music.