King Charles told to not 'lecture' people after 'arrogant' France trip

King Charles rubs people off the wrong way with his arrogance

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Sunday, September 24, 2023

King Charles is called out for his arrogance days after his first official trip to France.

His Majesty, who has defied his environment friendly plans by travelling from Bordeux to Paris via a jet, has triggered comments from various experts.

Former UK Government minister Norman Baker tells Newsweek: "Charles seems not to understand that he weakens his own message by his own behaviour. His predilection for private jets and helicopters puts him in the top one percent of carbon emitters in the world.

“He's hardly in a position to lecture other people from that great height. We need to get a grip of the issue, and I think Charles believes we need to get a grip of the issue,” he notes.

"It's a bad look and it undermines his message, which is an important one. He needs to get his house in order."