Empire State Building joins the Taylor Swift 'ketchup and seemingly ranch' craze

The Empire State Building joins the viral "Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch" craze sparked by Taylor Swift

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Thursday, September 28, 2023
Empire State Building joins the Taylor Swift 'ketchup and seemingly ranch' craze

The Empire State Building, one of the most iconic landmarks in the world, has joined the latest viral sensation sweeping the internet: "Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch." The frenzy began after Taylor Swift attended an NFL game and was captured in a photo that led to an unexpected online phenomenon.

On Sunday, Taylor Swift took in the NFL matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs, led by star tight end Travis Kelce, and the Chicago Bears. While Swift's presence at the game drew attention, it was one particular photo that sent the internet into a frenzy. The photo, originally shared by a popular X account called tswifterastour, depicted Taylor Swift sitting next to a plate of food, with a caption that read, "Taylor Swift was eating a piece of chicken with ketchup and seemingly ranch!"

This seemingly innocuous caption sparked a wildfire of online reactions. tswifterastour's post quickly went viral, amassing over 32 million views and giving rise to a new meme trend that took social media by storm.

In a surprising turn of events, the Empire State Building, via its official social media account, decided to join in on the fun. The building, known for its dazzling light displays, shared a photo of its upper floors illuminated with white and red lights, accompanied by the caption "Ketchup and seemingly ranch."

The response from internet users was swift and hilarious. One user, veryharryhill, reposted the Empire State Building's contribution and quipped, "Whoever coined 'seemingly ranch' needs a Pulitzer TOMORROW."

The frenzy didn't stop there. Hidden Valley Ranch, a well-known brand for its salad dressings, decided to get in on the action and temporarily changed its name on X to "Seemingly Ranch." Even major food brands got involved, with KFC's official X account commenting, "Our Ranch Queen," and Heinz announcing the release of 100 limited-edition bottles of a new "Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch" sauce, inspired by the viral moment.