Selena Gomez's relatable fashion mishap steals the spotlight

Selena Gomez hilariously handles a fashion mishap and shares an unfiltered glimpse into her life

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Tuesday, October 03, 2023
Selena Gomez's relatable fashion mishap steals the spotlight

Selena Gomez's recent fashion mishap showcased her down-to-earth nature as she shared a relatable moment with her fans on Instagram.

On October 2nd, the singer took to her Instagram Story to reveal the unexpected stain on her pants, humorously confessing, "I spilled Coke on my pants."

Selena Gomez's relatable fashion mishap steals the spotlight

Rather than hiding away, Selena decided to take a lighthearted approach to the situation. In the accompanying photo, the 31-year-old artist was seen sitting on the floor behind a set of curtains, with only her face peeking through the panels.

Her outfit, stained from the soda mishap, remained concealed, while a large Louis Vuitton bag made an appearance, poking out from the drapes.

The previous night, Selena had captivated the crowd at Coldplay's Rose Bowl show in Pasadena, California. On October 1st, she surprised the audience with a performance of her 2021 collaboration with the band, "Let Somebody Go," alongside artist H.E.R.

Sharing a backstage selfie in a black bodycon dress, lace tights, and silver hoop earrings, the Come & Get Itartist expressed her gratitude, writing, "Thank you coldplay hermusicofficial for an amazing night."

Selena Gomez's willingness to share both the glamour and the mishaps of her life on social media continues to endear her to fans, ensuring she always keeps it real.

Whether it's a playful mishap or her dating preferences, Selena remains true to herself, resonating with her followers.