Meghan Markle views relationship with Kate Middleton poisonous

Meghan Markle reportedly intends to make no rehabilitation possible with Kate Middleton, given her cancer battle

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April 24, 2024
Meghan Markle views relationship with Kate Middleton poisonous

Experts warn Meghan Markle is in no rush to patch up with Kate Middleton despite the Princess undergoing preventative chemotherapy for her cancer.

Claims about this all have been shared by royal author and expert Tom Quinn.

He weighed in on everything during one of his most recent interviews with The Mirror.

In that interview he admitted that no reconciliation looks possible despite the fact that “Kate’s cancer diagnosis has been a real shock for Meghan.”

The expert also went as far as to say, “she can see no way to patch up the relationship simply because it has become so poisonous.”

Not to mention, “She also doesn’t want people saying that she is trying to make things up with Kate just because Kate is ill.”

Especially considering the fact that “Meghan still feels Kate was in the wrong and should apologize before they try to build bridges.”