Prince Harry's given up ‘machine gun-toting' abode

Experts have just weighed in on the true security that’s offered within the walls of King Charles’ palaces, as compared to...

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May 29, 2024
Prince Harrys given up ‘machine gun-toting abode
Prince Harry's given up ‘machine gun-toting' abode

An expert has just shared her first-hand account of the safety that’s offered at King Charles’ palaces, when compared to Prince Harry’s choice of residence

Royal author and expert Rebecca English issued all the claims regarding Prince Harry’s bid to choose a hotel stay, during the UK visit for the Invictus Games anniversary.

She weighed in on everything during one of her most recent appearances on the Palace Confidential podcast.

During that time, she refenced Prince Harry’s decision to choose a hotel over St James Palace.

For those unversed, the Palace is adjacent to Clarence House, and that’s where the King resides anytime he’s in London.

According to Ms English King Charles’ decision to offer him residence mere seconds away from him proves he “was clearly willing to make time.”

And “I could see why they would offer him that,” she also chimed in to say before adding that “it would allow him the chance to meet with his father, who, yes, had a very, very busy diary, but was clearly willing to make time in it to meet with him.”

Whiel driving the point across the expert also pointed to her own first-hand experience inside the royal walls and added, “They have machine gun-toting police officers on the entrances and exits, security cameras everywhere.”

“If you go in, you have to go through rigorous security checks, bag searches, you have to be an accredited person to go in, you couldn’t find anywhere safer.”

But as the host Jo Elvin added, “most hotels, just about anybody could walk in”.