Kate Middleton kindling the fire of her own demise

Kate Middleton is currently adding kindling to the fire of her own demise at the hands of tin-foil wearing madness

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June 16, 2024
Kate Middleton kindling the fire of her own demise

Kate Middleton has just been warned about the kindling she is offering to her own demise, now that tin-foil wearing social media users have seen her at the Trooping of Colour.

Everything has been commented on by royal expert Daniela Elser.


She weighed in on things during one of her most recent pieces for News.com.au.

“It was only three months ago that the entire internet lost its collective mind over the exact whereabouts of Kate with such crackpot notions about what was supposedly going on circulating that they defied even basic logic.”

“Still, as idiotic as the Kategate lunacy might have been, this year has put the spotlight on the personal lives of the Prince and Princess of Wales to an extent and to an extreme unlike anything we have seen before,” she also added.

“The placement of Kate in a carriage for Trooping and William in the saddle is entirely expected and as normal as things can get for a family whose job it is to rule and to pretend to enjoy the caber toss at the Highland Games.”

“But again, this will not exactly drive home the image of them as one lovely jubbly happy family,” Ms Elser also noted.

“The danger here is that Kate returning to official duties, albeit for the day, while William is not in the shot, could just become even more kindling for the tinfoil-hat wearing madness that swirls about in the bowels of X and TikTok.”

“Still, I think what needs to happen immediately is simple: Let us rally, let us make posters and let us start campaigning now for Kate, one day, to actually ride in Trooping. Down with the royal horse gap I say, down!”