Prince Harry reacts on seeing ‘united' Royal family at Buckingham Palace balcony

Prince Harry reveals how he felt on being the only royal family member not present at Trooping the Colour

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June 25, 2024
Prince Harry reacts to seeing ‘united’ Royal family at Buckingham Palace balcony

Prince Harry felt ‘pain’ on being snubbed by the Royal family after he watched them putting on a united front at Trooping the Colour.

As per an insider close to the situation, the Duke of Sussex felt bittersweet seeing the members of the Royal family gather on the balcony of the Buckingham Palace.

They told Closer Magazine that the ‘rebellious’ Duke felt ‘heartbroken’ that he was not even invited at the major event even though he has hinted multiple times he is open to reconciliation.

"It was so painful for Harry to see all his family gathered for Trooping the Colour and not be there with them, he’d have done anything to be invited, even gone alone,” the royal insider said.

They added, “He's heartbroken and confused by the way they’ve cut him off and seemingly haven’t given it another thought.”

However, Harry was ‘happy’ seeing Kate Middleton making a much-awaited public comeback at the key event beside her husband Prince William and three kids.

"He would have dearly loved to have been there, if only to congratulate and support Kate in person on what must have been an incredibly difficult day for her,” they said of Harry.

They said that “the fact he’s got to watch on TV or via the internet from 6,000 miles away just made him so sad, it really hammers home how he's a proper outsider at this point.”