Felt shy when first watched Zalima, says Mahira

Felt shy when first watched Zalima, says Mahira

Mahira Khan did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Twitter recently and, as expected, her fans bombarded her with questions. Some interesting, some personal, but mostly fun.

Here are some of the interesting questions and some fun responses by Mahira.

Most important trait according to Mahira? "Honesty - in both a man and a woman."

Mahira’s good with words. Her reply: Romance with daring and dimaagh!


Yup, girls can pay on the date too. “If you come to Karachi, I'll take you,” replied Mahira.


“Thank you.. genius is a big word” Raees ka worshipper? We are as surprised as Mahira.

Mahira misses the people and chaat of India!


“Yes. Shoaib Mansoor's film at the moment. “

Mahira says she was feeling shy when she first saw the track of her film Raees.

“No I just took it ;),” trolled Mahira.    


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