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Friday May 19 2017
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What TV shows is the world obsessed with?

Web Desk

Despite us watching our favourite shows from different TV networks around the world, Netflix usually remains our go-to link to satisfy our urge of binge-watching.

Predominantly basing its research on Google Trends data, formulated a list of the most watched shows around the world.

Surprisingly, the most-watched show isn’t a Netflix original and pretty easy to guess too.

BBC’s Benedict Cumberbatch starer ‘Sherlock’ is the most viewed show around the world.

The second spot was hogged by the evergreen NBC comedy ‘Friends’. The story of five friends dealing with daily life in a humorous way is still popular among people.

The other famous and most watched shows included Netflix’s own production as well, with Narcos and House of Cards being on the list.

Fox’s ‘New Girl’ starring Zooey Deschanel was also among the favourites around the world.

So, the list basically looks like:

1. Sherlock

2. Friends

3. Narcos

4. House of Cards

5. New Girl

Another BBC production, ‘Call the Midwife’ is one of the top most viewed shows in Britain.

In the list, the top Netflix shows around the world make a pretty interesting case.

In Australia, ‘Jane the Virgin’ was most viewed, while in Germany it was ‘House of Cards’.

Hungary seemingly loves ‘Family Guy’, whereas, the list shows India and Nepal are quite taken with ‘Friends’.

According to the data, Russia is obsessed with ‘Arrow’ while the USA is in love with ‘Shameless’.

Well, any guesses which show is the most viewed on Netflix in Pakistan? No, it’s not Sherlock or Breaking Bad, the list said it was ‘New Girl’.

Now that you know which shows are most watched around the world, you can Netflix and chill some more!

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