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Monday Jul 17 2017
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Pakistani movie 'Saawan' impresses all at Madrid film festival

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The film is a “quest for survival” and a tale of struggle and survival against all odds. Photo: Saawan official poster 

Pakistani movie Saawan received the Best Foreign Language Feature Film during the International Film Festival's award ceremony, held on July 8-15, 2017.

Directed by Farhan Alam, Saawan touches upon the true story of a child with physical disabilities. The film is a “quest for survival” and a tale of struggle and survival against all odds.

Shot in a barren wasteland, Saawan, on the basis of its trailer, seems to be a journey of this child who initially feels helpless due to his disability, but eventually rises above the evils that surround him. 

The flick that seems to depict harsh realities of life may prove to be inspiring for people with disabilities.

The movie also stars Saleem Mairaj. Photo: Saawan's official website 

The film stars Karam Hussain, Arif Bahalim, Najeeba Faiz, Imran Aslam, Saleem Mairaj, Tipu Yorguc, Hafeez Ali, Shahid Nizami, among others. Written by Mashood Qadri, Saawan is slated to hit theatres this July.

Other movies nominated in the same category included Beyond Boundaries, Organic Love Stories, Gravity, Mawlana (The Preacher), 2001: While Kubrick was in Space, Vaishnavi, The Bodyguard, CALIBRO 10- Mafia Decalogue, Road to the Sky, Home Away, Beneath the Silence, Chokolietta, The Cat in the Closet, Fresh Water, Inbaifu, Patria, The Legend of Otger de Cataló and the Nine Barons of Fame, and 20 Years.

Saawan's trailer can be seen on its official website. It is expected to hit cinemas on August 11 this year.