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Saturday Oct 13 2018
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Here’s what your favourite celebrities have to say about The Donkey King

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The wait is finally over! The much-awaited animated film The Donkey King has been released nationwide with cinemagoers lining up for tickets. Produced by Geo Films and Talisman Studios, the film appeals to the young and the young at heart.

Here is what some celebrities said after attending the premiere of the movie:

“I am more excited than children.” – Fakhir (Singer)

“The characters and voiceovers were great. It’s a great start to a new era.” – Shoaib Akhtar (Former Cricketer)

“I was personally very excited after watching the trailer and promos for this movie.” – Fahad Mustafa

“Every character is perfect. They have made them so well that we just watched the movie and are missing the characters.” – Ayeza Khan (Actor)

“I am very excited and a child at heart. This film is for children like us.” – Mehmood Aslam (Actor)

“It is so funny that the kingdom was given to a donkey. The topic is really nice.” - Hira Mani (Actor)

“The donkey is made a king. In our society, it is said that if someone doesn’t work they are a donkey. The lion eats people and we say become like a lion. There is an issue with such sayings in our society. The donkey is a hardworking animal and should not be misused in idioms.” - Shahzad Roy (Singer)

“This is a great movie and apart from its animation the screenplay is also good.” – Ahsan Rahim (Director) 

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