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Wednesday Oct 24 2018
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'The Donkey King' gets social media praise after box office success

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In the movie, Mangu represents a common man in the society but then fate favours him and he becomes a king/ file photo

The Donkey King film has struck a chord with masses and has been receiving widespread praise on social media. 

In the movie, Mangu represents a common man in the society but then fate favours him and he becomes a king.

Mangu is a little apprehensive at first, but finally thinks he’s up for the job when a clever fox, literally, convinces him to. Thus follows Mangu's journey from donkey to The Donkey King.

Voice-over has been done by Afzal Khan alias Rambo for Mangu while veteran TV actor Hina Dilpazeer is fabulous as the fox.

Other voice over artists include Javed Sheikh, Adeel Hashmi, Shafaat Ali, Faisal Qureshi, Ghulam Muheyuddin, Mani, Shabbir Khan, Ismail Tara and Irfan Khoosat.

Here is what social media is talking about:

Legendary cricketer Wasim Akram also lauded the film saying: “The Donkey King hits it out of the park! It’s got reverse swing, calculated pace and it teaches us that even a donkey be his own man of the match.

Some found Mangu quite good-looking too.

The film earned 70 million rupees in just 10 days and it’s still having a successful run.

Some people think it is important to promote local films.

Here is also a dialogue from the movie:

Leading PTI social media activist Farhan Virk said the film through its main characters showed that "power lies with the common man, and common people can achieve anything when united.”

"The film did not have any political touch to it. I didn’t see any resemblance of the film to our political situation… The hero of the film is democracy,” he added.

Film's actor Afzal Khan also tweeted out the praise uttered by actor Fahad Mustafa.

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