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Wednesday May 15 2019
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Mehwish Hayat, Fia Khan and Nadia Hussain encourage others to embrace their 'flaws'

Web Desk
Mehwish Hayat, Fia Khan and Nadia Hussain. Photo: Instagram

After Hania Amir braved the world of social media to post about her struggles with skin issues, fellow actors and model have come forward.

Posting on Twitter, actor Mehwish Hayat said, “Flawsome is awesome. Away from the studio lights, the cameras and the glamorous makeup, We all battle with the same skin problems and insecurities as any other girl. Let's embrace it - its called being a woman.” 

She wasn’t the only one.

Model Nadia Hussain also posted a throwback picture, where she wrote that she was happy to see "celebrities embrace their REAL self in unedited pictures being proud of being flawless and awesome.”

While Fia Khan posted lyrics to Alessia Cara song 'Scars To Your Beautiful' along with a picture of herself.

Earlier this week Amir had taken to social media to post about her ‘painful struggle’ with acne and how it induced feelings of insecurity and anxiety in her.

She said she always had mild acne but during one of her work trips to Chitral, her acne flared up bad and it showed on camera as well. After a while it got worse, she said, adding that she went to several dermatologists and tried everything to keep it under control.

“Nothing seemed to fix my skin and I had my night AND days of crying. Feeling insecure. Anxiety. Makeup wouldn’t help. I was a mess but I went through it and got out of it too,” Hania Amir said, adding that after trying a different dermatologist her skin got better.